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Protecting a boat when it is not in use is one of the biggest worries for any vessel owner. Docks usually require a large sum for the boat to be kept in one of its berths, and there is the risk of flooding and water damage during the winter months. Boast owners wanting to protect their vessel should seek help from an alternative to the boating club dock, and should instead buy their own dry dock pontoon, which can be used to protect their boat from the worst of the weather, and to ensure that it is available whenever it is needed.

Securing the boat above the water
Most boats, even modern versions, have not been constructed to spend many years in the water. This might seem odd, but if you leave a boat constantly in the water for a few years, it will start to suffer corrosion, and there could even be points where the material it is made from wears away, leaving holes which then allow water to come through. This is a serious problem that many vessel owners struggle to solve, but one of the best solutions is to use dry docking systems for boats, which allow them to be taken out of the water from time to time, and maintained. If you can manage this step, then you can keep your vessel in good condition, and help prevent damage by regularly inspecting the boat.

Maintenance and preservation
Another solid reason for choosing the dry dock is that it allows vessel owners to inspect their boat, and to make any changes that are required before the ship is put back into the water. Trying to repair a vessel in the water is nearly impossible, but it is easy to do if the boat is in a dry dock. The pontoon style is also a good antifouling alternative, saving you the expense of antifouling the boat every year. Rather than paying for antifouling paints, designed to remove sea life including algae from the boat, the dry dock allows boat owners to simply clean off the ‘foul’ without needing expensive, hazardous materials. The sea life simply dries up in the dock, and then falls onto the bottom, where it can be washed away. This is much easier than paint, or cleaning the boat by hand, and helps to ensure the vessel is well-maintained.